Thursday, October 6, 2011

Warhammer changes

 Well, I tried playing on one of the Everquest Progressive servers, mainly because I don't like what SoE has done with the game over the past years, so I tried it again from it's beginnings. Unfortunately, it would appear that I'd forgotten exactly how much patience is required for this game. It sames that I'm not quite so patient these days. Having said that, it did take very long to lose interest... once again.
 Next... I noticed 14 free days on my Warhammer account... hmmm... I always did like the game but the problem before was lack of people and inability to take battle objectives without people. I decided to give it a try and was quite surprised. Apparently there have been some changes implemented since the last time I played. With patch 1.40 released in November 2010, Warhammer underwent major changes which seem to have corrected the problems which caused me to leave the game. For patch 1.40 details click HERE.
 Currently I am only still in Tier 1, I decided to start fresh with new characters. They've also increased the number of characters per server as well as allowing both Order and Destruction on the same server, but with playing restrictions to prevent cheating, or spying. So far, I am enjoying the new Warhammer, hopefully the higher tiers are somehow similar.

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